Mini Magnum


Image from the website ‘Dessert Comes First’ – loads of great mini Magnum pics to chose from

Amazing what you can find on the internet!! Loved the mini / normal Magnum comparison photo here!!

This 5th poem in the ‘Consultations with my mother’ series riffs off a running joke with Mum whenever we see her and ask her if she’s enjoyed a Magnum Mini recently….


V – Mini Magnum


They’re good for you


No, mini Magnums

Oh. I see, well yes they are smaller

Exactly. Except…

(Mum looks guilty)

Except what?

Well, perhaps they are not so healthy when

(she takes a deep breath)

You eat ALL of them.

Mum! The whole box?


Six mini Magnums, all in one go?

Uh huh

She smiles, like the cat that got all the Magnums –

(Mini Magnums mind you, so that’s ok.)


Copyright Eliot North 2016







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