Wellcome Image of the Week: Vesicle Traffic

I love this image posted on the Wellcome trust blog about how cells transport molecules. This particular image is so surreal, almost like a Dali painting.

Wellcome Trust Blog

B0008197 Vesicle transport at the golgi apparatus

This week the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine was awarded to a trio of researchers whose work unravelled the mystery of how cells transport molecules. Randy Schekman, James Rothman and Thomas Südhof worked on vesicles, the membrane-bound sacks that act as parcels for delivery of molecules such as insulin and neurotransmitters.

The above image is a computer graphic showing vesicle transport at the Golgi apparatus of a eukaryotic cell. The images was produced by Dr Mhairi Towler and Janice Aitken of the University of Dundee, as part of a joint project to look at the use of animation in lectures on cell biology, and as an interactive online teaching aid.

Different vesicles have different functions depending on the molecules they contain. The Golgi apparatus (or Golgi body) is an organelle that is responsible for sorting proteins and lipids by packaging them into vesicles and ensuring they are delivered to the…

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