My name is Eliot North and here at Chekhov Was A Doctor I aim to explore medicine, health and the creative impulse.  Whilst researching this area it surprised me how many writers were also doctors but historically medicine was not always so isolated from the arts. In posting images and creative prompts from both sides of the divide alongside prose, poetry and commentary I hope followers will pick up their pens and paintbrushes, sing a song, do a dance, pick up needle and thread and express themselves in whatever way they choose. I will also be connecting to SciTalk.ning.com  (a platform connecting scientists and writers) where we hope a creativity contagion will spread amongst us…..

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Eliot
    Thanks for following my blog. I think that we have very similar interests and it would be good to stay in contact. I look forward to seeing how your blog develops.
    Best wishes

    • Thanks Jac, still very much trying to work out this whole blogging thing; what it is and can be. Thanks for following, great to connect to like minded people!

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